This lonely outpost is about nine miles north of Beaver Island.  Prior to the building of this light, located on this spot was Lightship Number 55 which had been in service here since 1900.  The lightship replaced the Squaw Island light.  In 1928 this concrete crib light was built, retiring Lightship Number 55.  The Lansing Shoals light is a 59-foot lighthouse sitting on a concrete pier that is 74 feet square and twenty feet high.  This particular light was one of the last major new off-shore light stations built on the Great Lakes.  It is similar in design and looks to the North Manitou Shoal Light.

The Fresnel lens was removed in 1985 and is on display at the Michigan Historical Museum in Lansing, Michigan.  The light is now illuminated by a 190mm plastic lens and uses solar power.  It is fully automated.

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