Tiny Hog Island lies just 4 miles east of Garden Island.  The land mass only consists of 3.9 square miles but there is an extremely large amount of shore line, over 16 miles.   The waters around Hog are remarkably shallow and huge boulders lurk beneath the surface.  The island has provided excellent small mouth bass fishing for almost a hundred years.

The island is very poorly drained and, according to one visitor over there, is an Olympic breeding ground for 300 pound mosquitoes in its cedar swamps.   3.9 square miles turns into about 2500 acres of which almost 2000 are owned by the United States Government.

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Over the years, Hog Island has been logged for cedar and for veneer woods.   Commercial fishermen plied these waters in their hunt for trout and whitefish.   Small pound nets captured herring off Grape Island while suckers were caught near Tim's Island.

Many years ago, when the mail arrived on Beaver and Garden via sled in the winter months, there was a crude shelter on Hog Island that stood near the lake survey tower on Tim's Point.  Both Tim's Island and point are named after Tim Roddy who had the only frame house on Hog Island.

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