Beaver Island is the largest inhabited island in Lake Michigan, and it is the largest island in the Beaver Archipelago which includes among others: Squaw Island, Garden Island and High Island.

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This tiny island is located almost due north of Beaver Island.  No town was ever built here, but it does hold what is probably the most beautiful Victorian lighthouse ever built.  This page simply shows various photos of that lighthouse.    Most of these are older photos and a few are of the face-lift the lighthouse is receiving by a wonderful man, Bernie Heldstrom and his family during the summer months.   The island is privately owned. 

The photo below is from Marvin Aerial Photography

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Squaw Island has a tragic tale attached to it that was re-printed in the Beaver Beacon many, many years ago from an article in Anchor News of March 1978.  I will related it here for you:

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