This thin peninsula has been called Whiskey Point from at least the end of the 1840's.  It's possible that it received the name from the poor quality whiskey that was traded to the Indians at the Trading Post that operated here from 1840.  This "Indian Whiskey" was made to cheat the Indians and was made up of 2 gallons of whiskey or unrectified spirits; 30 gallons of water; red pepper to make it firey; and tobacco to make it intoxicating.

In the 1870's a Life Saving Station was started here.  The Life Saving Service later became the United States Coast Guard.   The crew housing was built in the early 1930's and at the end of the decade the boathouse was built.  The Coast Guard left the island during the Nixon administration.  Help for stranded boaters now comes from Charlevoix and/or Traverse City, Michigan.  After the Coast Guard departed the main building behind the boat house above became home to the Charlevoix County deputy, then became the Beaver Island District Library and finally the St. James Township Hall. The boat house is now owned by Central Michigan University and used by the CMU Biological Station for their research.

NOTE: Beaver Island is divided into two townships: St. James and Peaine.

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