This is the present Beaver Harbor light that replaced the one built in 1856 which was shorter.  The present tower is a 41 foot cylindrical tower topped by a black cast iron parapet.  The upper window overlooks the harbor.  Although the light was automated in 1927 it is still operational, sending it's red beacon far out into northern Lake Michigan.  The light is reflected through a Fourth Order Fresnel lens.  At one time there was a keepers house attached to the tower, but it was dismantled during World War II and never rebuilt.   It is still owned and managed by the United State Coast Guard.

The light tower is probably the most photographed sight on Beaver Island.   Next to the tower is a memorial to those who have been lost at sea over the years.   The list is a long one and unfortunately is added to every few years.  You can enlarge the thumbnail picture of the memorial and then click it to enlarge it enough to read all the entries if you so wish. There are benches located here for those who wish to sit and enjoy the view or to watch the summer boating traffic.

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