June13-05 085.jpg (75797 bytes)This Beaver Island's shop offers shoppers everything from coffee to unique gifts. Sister-in-laws Pam Grassmick and Linda McDonough stepped right up when the previous tenants vacated the lower level of the old Malloy Meat Market and from the looks of things these gals are going to be busy all summer long. It's a great location and these two ladies know their stuff when it comes to the perfect gift for that special someone. Pam's family has long time ties to the island and spent her early years living here. Her parents are Lawrence and Winnie McDonough. Linda has spent all her married life on the island being the spouse of Captain Kevin McDonough.

June13-05 071.jpg (77986 bytes)The shop entices folks with the lovely bistro set in front where shoppers can sit and sip coffee while watching the comings and goings of the town folk. The front window teases the passers-by with things from Christmas to sailing and edible items making one want to walk in the door. Once inside it's a profusion of items, some hand-made while others are imported. It will take a couple trips to see everything that is tucked into corners or peeking down from upper shelves.

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Incorporating the old with the new, Pam and Linda have made use of some of the shelving from the old LaFreniere Store once owned by Pam's Uncle Dick. Check out the other shelving and counters where they've used antique doors. Delicate embroidery on many items catches the eye - remember the old clothes pin bags that your grandmother used? You can find them here. Just get off the boat? You can buy a sand pail filled with fun and wonderous things from bottled water to toys.

If you haven't had your touch of Whimsey yet, stop in you'll be glad you did.

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