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Past the Fire Station, if you turn to  the right and go down the hill that is called the Post Office Hill or Frankie Lane (named after Frank Nackerman, one of our past Postmasters), you'll find the Post Office which is located on the left at the bottom of the hill back on main street.

The building itself is still owned by the Nackerman family and leased by the government as the present Post Office.  This was built originally as a saloon and rented to the Silver Top Brewery of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Then it became a tailor shop on the lower level with an apartment above.  Eventually it became our Post Office.  A few years ago, our postmark was changed from St. James, Michigan to Beaver Island, Michigan (the zip code stayed the same, 49782).   Postal delivery here revolve around the weather as the mail arrives by plane. If the weather is bad, there will be no mail.

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