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The Public Tennis Courts were built in memory of Casey Collins, and a memorial is located next to the entrance to the courts.

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The memorial reads:

Casey Collins July 3, 1976 - August 5, 1993

"The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes to do, but in liking what one has to do, our attitudes dertermine our achievements in life, even the most difficult things can be achieved, taken one step at a time, and believing it not only can be done, but will be done."      Casey Collins

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Casey wrote these words while battling bone cancer.  The philosophy defined her life as well as her tennis compettition, even while undergoing surgery and treatments for her illness, Casey and her partner successfully reached the 1992 Michigan High School Championship semi-finals.  Her example reminds us we must play the match which we have drawn and make the very best of it.  Casey's final opponent, her cancer, eventually defeated her physically, but never conquered her happy, loving spirit.   Before and during her battle against cancer, Casey and her family were frequent visitors to Beaver Island, she loved it here and in harsher times said that "visualizing" of "the Beav" helped her to endure her many painful treatments.  Casey appreciated the friendship extended to her by the young people of Beaver Island, and she expressed the hope that they might one day enjoy the challenges and rewards she had encountered on the tennis court.  Because of her inspiration, that wish has been fulfilled.
                                                                  Robert A. Neff
                                                                  July 2, 1995
                                                                  Beaver Island, Michigan

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The tennis courts are busy every day the entire summer long now.  The Beaver Island Community School children receive tennis lessons now as part of their physical education (on nice days).  Casey's hope will be continued into the next generations.

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