This is the home of Feodor Protar.  The building is now owned by the Beaver Island Historical Society.  Protar was one of the island's unique characters.    He came to the island to "get away from it all" in 1892.   Although not trained as a doctor, he did serve the island people as an unofficial doctor until his death in 1925.  He was somewhat an eccentric but was beloved by all the island residents who came to him for help.  Protar never delived a baby nor performed an operation, but dispensed common sense medicines to those in need.  His diaries are full of information and have been translated by summer visitor and "Protar Lady", Antje Price.  For more information on Protar, contact the Beaver Island Historical Society.

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Protar died very quietly and alone in his home March 3, 1925.  He had expressed a desire to be buried at sea, however the law made that impossible.

As a result, the islanders, mourning the loss of their beloved "doctor" built a tomb where they laid him to rest under a bronze plaque bearing his likeness and the words:

"To our heaven-sent friend...who never failed us

in imperishable gratitude and admiration

his people of Beaver Island."

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