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This building houses 3 separate businesses. To the right is the Charlevoix County Bank, in the middle is the St. James Boat Shop owned by Bill Freeze along with partners, Dan and Carol Burton. On the left is Karl Felix’s model shop. Above the businesses is a private apartment.

The Bank serves the island on a daily basis throughout the busy summer season and into the fall months.  During the winter it is open only on Tuesday and Friday - weather permitting as a teller from the Charlevoix bank flies to the island to handle business. The island does have an ATM machine located inside McDonough's Market..

Bill Freeze hand-crafts beautiful canoes, wooden buckets along with other special order items.  He's always found here working on some project.  It's well worth making a stop at his shop for a chat and to watch him manipulating the wood.

Karl Felix has the ability to make a model of just about any boat you'd like.   Have your own yacht?  Karl can make you a model to set on your mantle for dreaming about the high seas during the winter months.  This is the same Karl Felix who built the Rustic Villa cabins where the Livingstone Studio is located.

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