For "old" Islanders, this is McDonough's "new" store. This is the only full service grocery store on the island at the present time. Here you can buy anything from milk to caviar to clothing to hunting licenses. The family has owned and operated this store since 1932 when they bought it from the Beaver Island Lumber Company.

Tim McDonough is the island butcher and keeps the meat counter well stocked with wonderful choices for dinner, picnics and snacking.  Everything from beef, pork, chicken, smoked fish, cheeses, and Tim's own fabulous sausage.

Tim, Bill, and Jim McDonough keep the store well supplied with just about any item you can imagine.  They are happy to special order whatever you may need, and if they aren't able to supply it, you probably didn't really need it anyway.

Note: the Ball Park is named after their father, Bud McDonough.

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