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On the Darkytown/Barney's Lake Road* you'll find Bud Martin Excavating.   Bud not only does excavating, he's involved in many projects.  Here you can buy fuel oil for your furnace or gas up your vehicles.  If you'll remember from the harbor area, Bud also has an old ferry boat and a tug that allow him to haul items to the island.

* This road has dual designation as the original name was the Darkytown Road in honor of Darky Mike, a black Irishman.  The term "black Irish" comes from the time of the loss of the Spanish Armada when some of the Spanish sailors managed to make it to the shores of Ireland.  Over the years they mixed with Irish and until they acquired the term "black Irish" due to their darker complexion of black hair and blue eyes.  This road is also referred to as the Barney's Lake Road as that's where it eventually leads.

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