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Just past the crest of the hill lies the Beaver Island Historical Society's Marine Museum on the left. This former net shed now houses artifacts related to the island's commercial fishing, pleasure fishing, lumbering, sailing days, and ferry boats.

Owned by the Historical Society and an important part of the marine displays are the two fish boats next to the Marine Museum. The "Bob S" is a gill net fish tug and the "Gertrude K" is a trap net fishing tug. At one time, tons and tons of fish were shipped out of this harbor and the entire harbor area was ringed with net sheds and net drying reels. The commercial fishing is almost a thing of the past now, although there are still one or two boats that operate out of Beaver Island on a part-time basis.


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The Marine Museum is housed in one of the last net sheds on the island. It was built by "Shing" Martin, whose descendants still reside on the island.



Tragedies at sea are also displayed here along with displays on commercial fishing, lumbering, and pleasure fishing

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Open every day from Memorial to Labor Day, the Marine Museum allows visitors to see how the islanders have worked and played for the past 100+ years. There is a very small admittance charge, which allows visitors a pass for both of the Historical Society's museums.

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