Beaver Island Lodge

The Beaver Island Lodge, with its captivating location and view of Lake Michigan's spectacular sunsets and diverse moods, makes it a favorite resort hotel.  Rich in tradition, the Beaver Island Lodge has been "Host to the Island Traveler" since 1950.

Surrounded by a plush forest of hardwood and evergreen stands and nestled on a bluff overlooking a private beach below, the Beaver Island Lodge is the ideal getaway for the water and nature enthusiast.  In addition, the unique location of the lodge provides an excellent location for weddings and small business conferences.  With an extended season of operation to mid-October, the Beaver Island Lodge also offers guests the solitude of the fall color season.

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Your Hosts:

Ray Cole and Nina Simpson-Jones

P. O. Box 215

Beaver Island, Michigan 49782

TELEPHONE: (231) 448-2396

FAX: (231) 448-2918