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This is Holy Cross Catholic Church and the oldest church on the island being built in 1860.  Founded by the famous Father Baraga, the island is still mostly Catholic.    This church building was originally out-side of the town area about 2 miles.

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By the 1950's, the majority of the population was living in the harbor area and it was decided to move the existing building rather than build a new church.    So the building was literally cut in half and moved into town where it now sits on top of the hill over-looking the harbor.   Across the street from the church is the Parish Hall where everyone on the island gathers for wedding receptions, celebrations, and any sort of large gathering.  The parish hall has been used as a school and as a church when necessary.

Behind Holy Cross is a Memorial Garden that overlooks the harbor.   Benches are available to sit and remember and reflect.  The garden is paved with engraved bricks.

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