Frequently Asked Questions About the Islands

Due to so much email asking the same questions I've decided to add a FAQ page in hopes that it will be of some help.  This page will be added to as more questions pop up.

About how long does it take to drive around the island?

It depends upon your speed of course and how many stops you make, but the average is to plan on at least 2 to 2 1/2 hours 

How do I know where I am on the Island when taking your "Virtual Tour"?

I've added maps at the beginning of each section that should help you.  The part of the island being shown will have the roads highlighted in yellow.  I did it that way because having a map on each page made the "load time" so long.  Hopefully this new addition to the site will be of help to you.

Is there a place on the island that offers public Internet access?

Yes, the Beaver Island District Library does have a public computer for accessing the Internet and checking your email.  The library also offers Wireless access.

Can I bring my car to the Island?

Sure!  You have to make reservations with the Beaver Island Boat Company for your car.  There is a link to their website from my Island Links page.

Can we rent bikes or cars on the Island?

You sure can!  LakeSports Rental has bicycles for rent and there are several places to rent vehicles.  It would be a good idea to contact the Chamber of Commerce for a listing of Island Businesses and their phone numbers and give the appropriate business a call and reserve.

How's the fishing? and what kind of fish can I catch there?

The fishing here is terrific!  Before tourism, the Island was known for its fishing.  To find out what kind of fish are in any of the inland lakes, go to the Site Index and find the lake of choice.  I've tried to list whatever type is available in each lake.


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