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Continuing on down East Side Drive, we'll pass Mike Boyle's beach, a public access to Sand Bay and a great swimming spot. This was where the "Trail Road" stopped and is the beginning of Big Sand Bay, one of the largest bays on the island.  Along here the lake side of the road (or your left) is full of homes, mostly summer cottages, but every now and then you'll come across a year 'round resident who braves the winter east wind blowing into Sand Bay.

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Central Michigan University Biological Station sits here overlooking Big Sand Bay. This is located on 45 acres.  The buildings sit overlooking Lake Michigan.   The station has it's own campground and also has dormitories in separate wing that can house up to twenty men and women each.

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The CMU Biological Station also has buildings for laboratories, library, bookstore, laundry facilities, and a large central building for lounging and meals.   Besides the required biology classes, CMU takes part in Elderhostel and groups of high school students as well as supporting the island local museums during Museum Week with Nature Walks.

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