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Phil Gregg and Walker Hill purchased this old sawmill building, eventually tore it down and built the large storage building across the street and turned it all into Beaver Haven Marina. This photo was taken on one of the final days that the mill was operated as a sawmill when it was producing fish boxes for the commercial fishermen.

After more than 25 years of operating the marina, Gregg and Hill in turn sold it to the Anderson's who changed the name and now operate it as Beaver Island Marine.

The original dock protruded about 500 feet out into the harbor allowing many ships to load up with Beaver Island lumber.  A narrow gauge railway ran out onto that long dock allowing ships to load easier.  The railway ran from the sawmill down the west side of the island. The only original building still standing here from those days is the Ship's Store, which was the blacksmith's shop.

Beaver Island Marine is the only full service marina on the island.  Here you can dock your boat, gas up, do laundry, watch television, rent a geo-tracker, or pump out. Beaver Island Marine also offers boat storage for those months where pleasure boating isn't possible.  

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