First we'll make a stop at the Beaver Island District Library.  This property backs up to the school so our children have easy access to all the world via books.  The library also boasts three public computers with access to the internet along with free wireless access for visitors bringing their own laptops on vacation.   Both the library building and property were donated to the island residents and the library itself was constructed by one of our local contractors.

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Open Monday through Saturday from noon to five and Wednesday from ten to five, this is a must for any visitor to the island.   On Wednesday mornings in July and August story hour is available for the youngest generation. Behind the library a memorial garden has been started to commemorate one of our beloved summer residents, Sheryl Struik who passed away suddenly.   The library is a part of the Northland Library System and so if you can't find the book you're looking for, it can be found via the inter-library service.

The interior of the building is unique, incorporating huge trees as a center support.


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