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On the other side of the street - to the right of Holy Cross is the Beaver Island Community School.  This has a great history also.  Originally the school was taught by Dominican Sisters from Marywood in Grand Rapids, Michigan as lay teachers were too expensive and many didn't want to live on an island that was so isolated. It was one of only two public schools in the country that were taught by nuns. The last of the Dominican Sisters left the school in the 1990's and now all lay persons are the educators.

The older building in the picture above was torn down and the new school below was built. Students and teached moved into the new building in March of 2009.


The school boasts 11 teachers, 4 other professional staff who teach and perform other essential services for 70 students in grades pre-school through 12th grades. We have a full sized gym and a soccer field. The school teams compete with other schools of approximately the same size in the Northern Lights League playing: girls volleyball and basketball, boys basketball and soccer.

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