Paula Simpson and Roy Waters Memorial Trails

Paula Sue Simpson (1937-1991) counted "only the good days on Beaver Island."  These days, which spanned a period of twelve seasons, were among the happiest days of her life.

She was an active supporter and behind-the-scenes contributor to many of the CMUBS field studies.  Paula was also an avid ornithologist and geologist.

She embraced the natural beauty and solitude of the island like a lover, and for these reasons family and friends are most appreciative of this nature trail named in her behalf.

We hope you can walk the trail and share the awe, inner respect, and serenity provided by the beauty of this unspoiled heritage.  Should a solemn smile cross your face at the end of the trail, then you too can count this as a "good day" on Beaver Island.

Use the gazebo donated by family and friends at the trail's end as the possible beginning of your search for harmony and tranquility with nature.  Think only good thoughts.

A paper brochure of the Paula Simpson and Roy Waters Memorial Trails is available at the Central Michigan University Biological Station at Sand Bay, on Beaver Island.

Very special thanks to Dr. Jim Gillingham for allowing me to place this trail map on the website.

Miller's Marsh Trail

Brothers' Trail




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